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Daivergent provides unique opportunities to grow your professional skills, gain experience and access to remote jobs, and get connected to like-minded individuals across the US.

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Develop the confidence to work remote, and gain job skills in programming, graphic design, marketing, and more through our customized plans and video-based curriculums.


Gain work experience and connect to jobs based on your schedule. Our state-of-the-art platform provides opportunities tailored to you and your career aspirations.


Join any of our 15 shared interest groups to meet like-minded individuals that share your passions. We offer both voice and text-based groups for all communication styles, and all groups are led by a trained facilitator to keep the peace!

Meet One Of Our Members, Leon


Education: Hunter College, B.S. Computer Science

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Passions: Video Games, Web Design

My Experience at Daivergent

“I’m learning a lot at Daivergent — corporate work etiquette, general expectations, sprint planning. Working here has better prepared me for working in a group and has challenged me to find more efficient methods to find information. I’m proud that I finally got a job and that Daivergent has a great work culture for people like me.”

Dream Future Job

Video Game Designer

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