60+ Amazing Job, Socialization, and Life Skills Resources for the Autism Community (updated April 2022)

A must-have, updated list of resources for the autism community across jobs, socialization, life skills, family supports, and advocacy.

Byran Dai, on Apr 18, 2022

How Autistic Workers Can Power Your Data Labeling

Frequently overlooked, autistic workers often excel at pattern recognition, attention to detail, and hyperfocus.

Byran Dai, on May 24, 2021

Types of Data Labeling Jobs

If you’re looking for a job in the field, be aware that just as data can take many forms, so can data labeling jobs.

Bernadette Wilson, on Invalid date

The Growing Need for Image Labeling & Annotation

Among the most common data preparation workloads expected to increase in the next few years is image labeling and annotation.

Bernadette Wilson, on Apr 23, 2020

How to Make Accommodations for Autism in the Workplace

If you want to encourage neurodiversity and make your workplace comfortable and safe for your neurodiverse employees, there are accommodations for autism in the workplace you can and should make. Below are some of the basics of providing accommodations for your neurodiverse employees.

Leia Weathington, on Mar 13, 2020

Sentiment Analysis Tools & Applications

In an increasingly digital world, customers have more soapboxes they can climb on to share their honest opinions. Fortunately, you can leverage sentiment analysis tools to do the job faster and more thoroughly than you could on your own.

Bernadette Wilson, on Mar 10, 2020

Understanding the Different Types of Neurodiversity & Their Strengths

Traditionally the different types of neurodiversity have been regarded as a deficit, but it is better to understand them as just that — differences, neither good nor bad, that can provide unique advantages or ways of perceiving the world.

Leia Weathington, on Mar 3, 2020

Image Annotation for Deep Learning

Image annotation for deep learning and other related methods employ a variety of interconnected processing elements that work together: the input layer that receives data, hidden layers that perform computations, and the output layer that outputs results or initiates action.

Bernadette Wilson, on Feb 20, 2020

How to Label Data for Machine Learning

Patterned after human behavior, data scientists teach machine learning models by using a set of inputs in the form of labeled data so they can produce desired outputs.

Bernadette Wilson, on Feb 19, 2020

Neurotypical vs. Neurodivergent: What’s the Difference?

New terminologies have come into common usage to define the differences in how the world is perceived by different people. Two commonly used terms are “neurodivergent” and “neurotypical”.

Leia Weathington, on Feb 18, 2020

7 Tech Companies That Hire Autistic Adults

These enterprises are companies that "get it". They're excellent examples of employers with successful programs for hiring autistic adults.

Bernadette Wilson, on Feb 7, 2020

4 Ways Neurodiversity Gives Your Company a Competitive Advantage

Hiring autistic talent and celebrating neurodiversity can give employers a competitive advantage and have a dramatic impact on their bottom line.

Leia Weathington, on Feb 4, 2020

What the Heck is Data Labeling?

Data labeling, which assigns meaning to data in ways that machine learning technology can understand, is key to creating an effective training data set.

Bernadette Wilson, on Feb 1, 2020


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